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Cargill OneTrak Dashboard Overview

Cargill has teamed up with, LLC (“MDD”) to provide you with access to the OneTrak Dashboard. The OneTrak Dashboard will provide you with visibility to your dairy’s operational data. To enjoy all the benefits that the OneTrak Dashboard has to offer, it is important for you to understand that:

MDD’s Terms of Use: By agreeing to use the OneTrak Dashboard, you indicate that you agree to MDD’s Terms of Use.

The following terms apply specifically to the OneTrak Dashboard and describe your rights and responsibilities regarding your use of the OneTrak Dashboard.

Permissions: By using the OneTrak Dashboard, you agree to upload certain farm data into the system that may be accessed by Cargill. OneTrak feed usage information may also be analyzed for customer shipment planning. Cargill agrees that they will not share your data with others unless your prior approval has been obtained. As part of the service, Cargill may aggregate your data with other data (so that it is not individually identifiable) in order to analyze and report on activities and trends within their customer base.

Fees: There is no additional cost to you for the OneTrak Dashboard. Cargill is making the OneTrak Dashboard available to you as part of your current relationship as a OneTrak customer.

Term and Termination: If you cease to be a OneTrak customer in the future for any reason, you will no longer have access to the OneTrak Dashboard and Cargill OneTrak will no longer have visibility to your data. You may terminate the services and your access to the OneTrak Dashboard by providing notice to Cargill OneTrak at any time.

Publicity: Neither Cargill nor MDD will publicize that you are a client without your prior approval.